Configure DNS forwarders on Infoblox

Before you begin

Note the IP addresses of the ETP recursive DNS servers. For more information, see View DNS server information.

Complete this procedure to configure DNS forwarders on Infoblox.

How to

  1. From the main navigation menu, click Data Management and then select the DNS tab.
  2. Depending on the Infoblox view:
    • In a Grid view, expand the Toolbar on the right side of the application and select Grid DNS Properties.
    • In a Members view, click the Members tab. Select the member and then click the edit icon.
    • In a DNS view, click the Zones tab. Select the appropriate DNS view and click the edit icon.
  3. Click Forwarders and in the panel that appears click the add icon.
  4. In the provided field, enter the IP address of the primary ETP recursive DNS server.
  5. Click Save & Close.

Next steps

If prompted to restart services, click Restart.