About the Web Console

While you configure the network interfaces in the security connector, you can also access the Web Console to configure these interfaces. The Web Console is a web-based user interface of the management interface. On the Web Console, you can configure settings for the virtual machine and perform administrative operations. For example, you can:
  • Generate a diagnostic report for debugging purposes. The diagnostic report contains logs and system files. When you encounter an issue that requires additional support, you can provide this report to Akamai Support. To generate this report, see Generate a diagnostic report.
  • Configure rsyslog: You can configure the virtual machine to send logs to your organization's security information and event management product. See Configure rsyslog.
Note: If Enterprise Security Connector 1.1.0 or 2.1.0 is deployed in your network, the factory reset option in the Web Console is not supported. This option does not perform a factory reset and disables the virtual machine. In Security Connector 2.2.0 and later, this option was removed.
Web Console