Email activation codes to users

Before you begin

Make sure an administrator defines corporate domains in the ETP network configuration. For more information, see Specify corporate email domains.

From ETP, you can send users an email that contains the activation code. An activation code is valid for seven days.

For a mobile client, the email will contain a deep link that activates the client. The user has seven days to click the deep link or copy the activation code and paste it into the client. If the user has not yet installed the client, the deep link redirects the user to the appropriate app store (according to device type). After installing the client, the user can provide the activation code.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Clients & Connectors > ETP Clients.
  2. Click the Activation tab.
  3. In the Select Type field, select Send email invitation.
  4. In the User’s List area, enter a comma-separated list of user email addresses where you want to send activation codes. To add users in bulk, you can download the spreadsheet template, enter email addresses, and upload the spreadsheet. For instructions, see Email activation codes to users in bulk.
  5. Click Submit. The emails are sent to the users you specified in the User’s List.