Select a proxy logging mode

Before you begin

Set up ETP Proxy

If the Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) proxy is enabled, you can select a logging mode to define the details that are recorded in ETP reports. By default, policies with the ETP proxy are configured with Level 1, a comprehensive mode that records the hostname, path and query string in the URL, as well as the response and request headers. For more information on the different logging modes, see Proxy logging mode.

You must be an ETP super administrator, delegated administrator, or a tenant administrator to perform this task. If you are a delegated or tenant administrator, you can select a logging mode for policies that you created or that you are allowed to manage.

This procedure assumes that you are modifying an existing policy that is enabled with ETP Proxy. Any logging mode that you select affects future HTTP or HTTPS events only. It does not change the information recorded for past events.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Policies > Policies.
  2. Click the name of the policy that you want to edit.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Go to the Proxy Settings area.
  5. In the Proxy Logging Mode menu, select a new logging mode level.
  6. Click Save.

Next steps

Deploy configuration changes