Set up single sign-on for Enterprise Application Access application

Complete this procedure to set up single sign-on for the Enterprise Application Access gallery application you added.

How to

  1. In the Getting Started wizard, click Set up single sign on.
  2. Click SAML as the Single sign-on method. The Akamai Enterprise Application Access - SAML-based Sign-On window opens.
  3. Click the edit icon for Basic SAML Configuration.
  4. In the Identifier (Entity ID) and the Reply URL (Assertion Consumer URL) fields, enter the identity provider URL in this format:

    where <YOUR-IDP-NAME> is the hostname of your identity provider.

  5. Click Save. The User Attributes & Claims are populated with all of the attributes and claims that are understood by ETP.
  6. In the User Attributes & Claims section, click the edit icon and click the Unique User Identifier (NameID).
  7. On the Manage Claim window, enter user.onpremisessamaccountname into the Source attribute field and click Save. This attribute identifies the user in the application.
  8. On the SAML Signing Certificate section, download the Federation Metadata XML file. Save the metadata file to a secure location. You’ll upload this file in the ETP identity provider configuration.
  9. In the Set up Akamai Enterprise Application Access section, copy the Login URL. You can click the clipboard icon to save this URL to your clipboard. You provide this URL when you configure the identity provider in ETP.

Next steps

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