Force installation on Chrome OS devices

Complete this procedure to force the installation of ETP Client on Chromebooks:

How to

  1. Log in to Google Admin Console (
  2. To confirm that the Google Play service is enabled, click Apps on the Apps page and select Additional Google services. Then navigate to Google Play and confirm that the service is on for your users.
  3. Allow users to install other apps and extensions on Chrome devices:
    1. In the Google Admin Console home page, click Device Management and then click Chrome devices.
    2. Under Device Settings, select Chrome management.
    3. Select Apps & extensions.
    4. Under Users & Browsers, go to the Allow users to install other apps & extensions setting and click the settings icon.
    5. For Android applications on Chrome devices, select Allow and click Save.
  4. Select the policy that you want to apply to the ETP Client app:
    1. In the Additional application settings, click the back arrow to return to the previous configuration page and click the plus sign icon.
    2. Click the Google Play Store icon and search for the ETP Client.
    3. In the provided profile, click Select.
    4. In the Installation Policy, select Force install. This option installs the client automatically and prevents users from removing it on the device.
    5. Click Save.

Next steps

Configure the entitlement code in the Google Admin Console.