Mobile client statuses

Like the ETP desktop client, the mobile client reports when a device is protected or unprotected. This status is visible in the mobile client. The client can report these statuses:

  • Protected indicates mobile requests are protected with ETP. The following protected statuses are possible:
    • Protected via Secure DNS-over-TLS. Indicates that mobile requests are protected with DNS over TLS (DoT). For more about DoT, see DNS over TLS.
    • Protected via DNS over UDP. Indicates that mobile DNS requests are protected with the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). DNS over UDP (DoU) is used in situations where DoT can’t be used and the client is forced to fall back to DoU. This can occur if DoT is blocked by a firewall or by enterprise middleboxes. It can also occur when DoT is disabled; or the administrator configures the client to Always Attempt a DoT connection, and this connection cannot be established.
    • Protected via Local Network. Indicates mobile requests are protected only when the device is on the corporate network that’s configured to forward DNS requests to ETP. In this case, the local DNS server handles requests. This status also appears if ETP Client cannot send requests to ETP because outbound UDP port 53 is blocked in the enterprise firewall.
  • Unprotected indicates that ETP Client is disabled or disconnected, or that the connection is interrupted. This status may also indicate that the client cannot reach the Akamai infrastructure, including ETP configuration, ETP DNS, or ETP Proxy. Depending on the situation, the following unprotected statuses are possible:
    • Unprotected! Initializing, please wait. Indicates the mobile client is still loading and establishing a connection.
    • Unprotected! No network. Indicates the mobile client is unable to connect to a network.
    • Unprotected! Disabled by User. If you allow end users to disable the client, this status indicates that the client was disabled by the user.
    • Unprotected! Suspended by Admin. Indicates ETP mobile client was disabled by an administrator.
    • Unprotected! Service is Unavailable. Indicates that ETP client cannot reach Akamai infrastructure, including ETP configuration, ETP DNS, or ETP Proxy.
    • Unprotected! Another VPN is active. Indicates that device is using another VPN. The user must disconnect the VPN to use ETP Client.
    • Unprotected! Disabled when hotspot is on. This status applies to Android devices only. The client does not support hotspot on Android devices.