Enterprise Center

You can now try Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) with the new Enterprise Center interface.

This new user interface offers:
  • A new navigation that makes it easy for you and other administrators to find ETP features and reports.
  • An improved and more interactive dashboard where you define custom widgets. Widgets allow you to configure the data that’s shown in a dashboard and the overall presentation of this data. For more information, see Enterprise Center dashboard.
  • A new workflow that guides you through the process of setting up major features in ETP. For more information, see Set up Enterprise Threat Protector.
  • New placement of features that are found on the Utilities page of the original interface. These features are now accessible in more logical areas of the navigation. For example, ETP Client and Security Connector are now accessible from the new Clients and Connectors navigation area.
  • All event and activity reports are now on separate pages that are accessible from the Threat Analytics navigation area.