Security templates

To implement policy best practices, an administrator can apply a security template to configure policy actions for threat categories.

You can use these templates as a starting point to a policy configuration. After you select one of these preset templates, you can then change any of the applied settings such as policy actions, response to user, and more to define settings that best fit your network and your company’s security policy. When you do this, the policy indicates that you are using a custom template.

These templates only apply to the categories in the Akamai Security tab. They do not configure settings to other areas of the policy, such as custom lists.

You can select from these templates:
  • Strict. Includes strict policy actions to make sure that threats are blocked from your network. This template includes these settings:
    • All known threat categories are assigned the block policy action. Most of these block actions are assigned the Error page response to user.
    • For known and suspected DNS exfiltration threats, a refused response is configured as the response to the user.
    • A monitor action is assigned to suspected malware and phishing threats.
    • Alerts are enabled for command and control (C&C) and DNS exfiltration categories.
  • Monitor-only. Assigns the monitor action to all known and suspected threat categories. Alerts are enabled for the C&C and DNS exfiltration categories. This template logs and reports threats but it does not block them. The Monitor-only template is ideal for testing or assessing policy impact before using the Strict template.