Deploy configuration changes

Complete this procedure to deploy configuration changes to the Enterprise Threat Protector network. Configuration changes are in a pending state until this operation is completed.

You must be an ETP administrator to perform this task. If you are a delegated administrator or tenant administrator, you can only deploy the changes you made or that were applied to the locations, policies, and lists you can manage.

How to

  1. On any configuration page, click Pending Changes.
  2. Review the changes. If necessary, expand the details for a category of settings to view the associated changes. For example, if Locations are listed, you can click the arrow icon to show the specific locations changes that were submitted by you or another administrator.
  3. Select the specific changes that you want to deploy.
  4. Click Deploy.
  5. Enter a comment to describe the changes included in the deployment, and click Deploy. A progress bar in the Pending Changes window shows when the process is complete.

Next steps

If you are setting up ETP for the first time, configure your local DNS server or Active Directory server to forward DNS queries to ETP. For more information see DNS forwarding.