Create a proxy credential

To enable proxy authorization in a policy, you must first configure proxy credentials in Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP). Proxy credentials are used to authorize connections requests from the on-premises proxy to ETP Proxy.

By default, the username you create contains an ID number that identifies your organization:


  • username is the username you create.
  • organizationID is the number that Akamai uses to identify your organization. This ID is automatically added to the username.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Policies > Proxy Credentials.
  2. Click the plus sign icon.
  3. Enter a username in the provided field.
  4. Enter a password and retype the password in the provided fields.
  5. Click the check mark icon to create the proxy credential.

Next steps

  1. Click the copy icon next to the username field to copy your username. The username you copy contains an ID that identifies your organization.
  2. Configure these credentials in the on-premises proxy. Make sure that the username you provide includes the ID. For instructions on configuring these credentials in Squid, see Configure Squid to forward traffic to ETP Proxy.
  3. Enable proxy authorization. For instructions, see Enable proxy authorization or Enable full web proxy.