Revert configuration changes

You can revert a configuration change that is currently in a pending state.

You must be an ETP administrator to perform this task. A super administrator can revert any pending change. If you are a delegated or tenant administrator, you can revert the changes that you submitted or that other administrators submitted for the locations, policies, and lists that you are allowed to access.

If you revert a change in a configuration area where multiple administrators made a modification, all changes pending for that configuration area are reverted.

How to

  1. Click Pending Changes.
  2. Go the change that you want to revert. If necessary, expand the details to view the changes associated with a specific ETP component. For example, if Locations are listed, you can click the arrow icon to show the specific location changes that were submitted by you or another administrator.
  3. Select the change or changes that you want to revert.
  4. Click Revert.
  5. Click Revert confirm the revert operation.