Run an identity connector troubleshooting utility

If there is a connectivity issue with an identity connector, you can run one of the diagnostic or troubleshooting tools to determine the issue. You can test connectors from the Identity Connectors page or from the list of identity connectors that’s associated to a directory. For more information about these troubleshooting tools, see Troubleshoot identity connector connectivity.

How to

  1. To troubleshoot connectors that are associated with a specific directory:
    1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Identity & Users > Directories.
    2. Click the edit icon for the directory that has the connector connectivity issue.
    3. Click the Connectors tab.
  2. To troubleshoot connectors from the Identity Connectors page, in the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Clients & Connectors > Access and Identity Connectors.
  3. Go to the connector that you want to troubleshoot.
  4. Click the stethoscope icon to open the diagnostic options. If the troubleshooting utilities do not appear, you may need to enable Remote Debugging. For more information, see Enable or disable remote debugging for a connector.
  5. Select the utility you want to use: dig, Ping, TraceRoute, LFT, or cURL.
  6. Enter the application hostname or IP address that you want to test in the provided field.
  7. Click Run.
    Note: When running these utilities, the terminal window may temporarily show a Pending status until the query or test is complete. When the query is complete, a SUCCESS message and information regarding the hostname appears in the terminal window.