Setting up custom headers for YouTube

You can use custom headers to control the video content that users can access while on the corporate network. You can restrict access through DNS with the YouTube menu that is available in a policy, while custom headers allows you to restrict access through HTTP. To restrict access through DNS, see SafeSearch and YouTube restricted mode.

For more information, see Restrict YouTube content available to users in the Google documentation. You must be a G Suite administrator to access these instructions from Google.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Policies > Policies.
  2. To edit a policy, click the name of the policy that you want to edit.
    If you are creating a policy, see Create a policy.
  3. Click the Custom Header tab, and click the plus sign icon.
  4. In the domain field, enter:
  5. In the Header Name field, enter:
  6. In the Header Value field, enter one of these values depending on the type of restriction you want to configure:
    • Strict. Provides access to a limited collection of video content. This is the most restricted mode.
    • Moderate. Provides some restricted access but is less strict than Strict mode. Moderate mode allows users to access a larger collection of video content.
  7. Click Save.

Next steps

Deploy the policy to the ETP network. For instruction, see Deploy configuration changes.