Quick list migration

You can use custom lists to manage the domains and IP addresses that you want to immediately allow or deny in your network. Custom lists deploy in 20-30 seconds. As a result, quick lists are no longer needed to rapidly grant or block user access to websites or resources on the Internet.

If you added domains or IP addresses to an Allow or Deny quick list, migrate these lists to custom lists. After these lists are migrated, they're assigned to all policies and given these policy actions:

  • The Allow List is assigned the bypass policy action. It's migrated as a custom exception list. All the domains and IP addresses in the Allow List bypass Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) as they did when they were part of a quick list.
  • The Deny List is assigned the block policy action with an error page response to the user. For more information on the error page that appears to the user, see Error pages.

These lists are also assigned the Other category. For more information on policy actions, see Policy actions.

Note: The domains and IP addresses in the Allow and Deny lists are retained in the migration.

By default, these migrated lists are associated with every policy. You can modify the data in these lists to make changes across ETP policies. Note:

  • To modify an Allow List, you complete the same process as modifying an exception list.
  • To modify a Deny List, you complete the same process as modifying a custom list.

Once you migrate these lists, make sure you deploy configuration changes. After the migration is complete, the Quick Lists page is no longer available at your next log in to ETP.