Access logs

ETP access logs contain logs for all ETP Client traffic, including traffic of private browsing. These logs are formatted and easy to analyze.
Important: These logs contain information that may be designated as personal information under applicable laws and regulations and should be handled securely and in compliance with any regulatory requirements.
These CSV files are available in the client Log directory:
  • etp_Proxy_Access.csv: Contains logs of web traffic forwarded from ETP Client to ETP Proxy.
  • etp_Client_Access.csv: Contains logs of DNS traffic forwarded from ETP Client to ETP DNS resolvers.

When a log file reaches 40 MB, an index value is appended to the filename and a new log file is created with the original filename. These logs can be used by your organization to review requests and troubleshoot technical issues. Administrative privileges are required to view these logs.

ETP Client is enabled for logging by default. However, administrators can disable logging in ETP. For more information, see Configure ETP Client.