Assign a policy to the off-network location

Before you begin

Make sure that the external IP addresses of all exit points or gateways in the corporate network are configured as locations in ETP. These locations allow ETP to determine when traffic is coming from devices that are on or off the corporate network. To add or modify a location, see the Create a Location or Edit a Location topics in the ETP online help.

An ETP administrator must assign a policy to the off-network location. This ensures that the appropriate security and access control settings are applied when end users attempt to access content outside the corporate network. If necessary, you can also create a new policy. For instructions on creating a policy, see the Create a Policy topic in the ETP online help.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Locations > Locations.
  2. Go to the Off Network ETP Clients location and click the chain icon.
  3. Select a policy from the menu.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the policy assignment.

Next steps

Deploy the location configuration change to the ETP network. For instructions, see the Deploy Configuration Changes topic in the ETP online help.