ETP Client reports

The ETP Client page includes reports that allow you to see how many ETP Clients are installed in your enterprise, the overall status of these clients, installed versions, and any detected errors.

By default, the reports on this page are configured to show the latest data. However, you can choose from a specific time period to filter data. These date ranges are available:

Time Description
Latest Shows the latest ETP Client data.
Last Day Shows data from the current day.
Last Month Show data from the current month.
All Shows all recorded data for all date ranges.
Data is reported to ETP every 10 minutes. As a result, the Latest time shows the most recent set of reported data. A data table provides information on:
  • Installed ETP Client versions
  • MAC address of the device where ETP Client is installed
  • Overall status of ETP Client
  • Time when ETP Client status was last reported to ETP

In addition to the table, this data is also reflected in pie charts. The Installation Report shows the ETP Client versions that are installed and the total number of installed clients in the network. The Error Report describes specific errors and the number of clients that have an unprotected status as a result of these errors. An unprotected status indicates that ETP Client is not functioning properly, and as a result, end user devices are not protected by the client.

The provided pie charts are also interactive. A super administrator can click data listed in the key of the chart to show or hide this information, allowing administrators to easily change the view and focus on specific information.

ETP super administrators can also download a CSV to view additional data. The CSV shows the data that’s available at the time of downloading the report. Like the data on the ETP user interface, data that’s captured in the CSV refreshes every 10 minutes. To view the latest data, administrators can download reports 10 minutes apart.