ETP Client CSV report

While ETP Client reports in the ETP user interface provide an overview of installed ETP Client versions and the errors of these clients in the network, you can also download the ETP Client CSV report to view detailed information about clients in your network. This report includes additional information such as the time the software was installed on end user devices and the overall status of the client. ETP Client communicates its status to Enterprise Threat Protector every 10 minutes. As a result, a report with new data is available for download every 10 minutes.

Data Description
name Name assigned to the device where ETP Client is installed.
registered time Exact date and time when ETP Client was installed and started working.
blacklisted Indicates with a TRUE or FALSE value whether ETP Client is blacklisted.
Note: If a client is blacklisted (TRUE), it does not receive traffic.
A client is blacklisted only if an ETP administrator contacts Akamai to blacklist it.
software Version of ETP Client
mac MAC address of the device where ETP Client is installed.
reported state Status of ETP Client. To understand the statuses that appear in this column, see ETP Client statuses.
reported time Date and time when the status was reported.