This section explains the requirements when purging content by URLs.

To ensure that your content is purged successfully, follow these requirements:
  • Host names must either be in arlindex.xml or CNAME’d to Akamai.
  • URL entries must be full, not partial.
  • Wild cards are not supported in Fast Purge. To use wild cards, refer to the Enhanced Content Control Utility and click Refresh by Directory & File Extension.
  • A protocol is required such as http:// or https://.
    Note: In most cases, regardless of whether http or https protocol is specified, both versions are purged when either is submitted. If you know that your configuration uses different cache keys for each protocol, or if you see issues with stale content for the https requests after purging, then use an ARL to purge the https version of the object. See Purge content by ARL or contact Akamai support for assistance.”
  • A list of URLs cannot exceed 50,000 characters.
  • To successfully purge a URL, the portal user must have permissions to purge content associated with that URL’s CP code; otherwise the portal issues an error.