Purge content by URL

You can choose to purge content by identifying URLs to be deleted or invalidated.

Before you begin

Review purge permissions and the requirements for purging content by URLs.

How to

  1. In the entry field, type the URLs or click Choose File to locate and upload the file containing the URLs you want to purge. When specifying multiple URLs, all URLs must be entered one per line and must meet all requirements listed above.
    After the file is uploaded, the URLs appear in the entry field. Edit the URLs as required.
  2. Select the Akamai network on which you want to refresh content (Production or Staging).
  3. Select a method (Invalidate or Delete).
  4. Click Submit Purge.
    A message appears at the top of the page, letting you know your request was accepted and will be completed within a few seconds. A support ID is also included.