Purge content by cache tag

This section describes how to purge content by cache tag.

Before you begin

When a web asset is requested through the Akamai edge servers, the tag values found in the Edge-Cache-Tag HTTP header are associated with the content at the edge servers. Once the purge is invoked, all cached content for the specified cache tag is purged at the Akamai edge servers.
Important: An invalid tag (see requirements) appears in the entry field with a red border. You will not be able to submit the purge request until all invalid tags are removed from the entry field.

To optimize the use of cache tags for your organization, see Best practices.

If you’re leveraging Drupal for your content management system needs, consider the Akamai Drupal 8 module to tag content.

How to

  1. Under Purge content by, select Cache Tags.
  2. In the entry field, type at least one valid cache tag and press Enter or Tab.
    Note: Cache tags are case-sensitive, for example, "tag-abc" and "Tag-Abc" are treated as distinct tag values. To remove a tag, click the X. If you enter a duplicate tag, it will automatically be removed from the entry field.
  3. When you are done entering tags, select the Akamai network on which you want to refresh content (Production or Staging).
  4. Select the method (Invalidate or Delete).
  5. Click Submit Purge.
    A message appears at the top of the page, letting you know your request was accepted and will be completed within a few seconds. A support ID is also included.

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