Purge content by topic

Cache tags are best used to purge aggregated data sets or a collection of objects that are heavily interdependent. This is especially valuable in cases where tens of thousands of objects must be purged at the same time.

Cache tags facilitate such tasks by enabling a purge of multiple objects with a single instruction. This dramatically simplifies and improves efficiency of content management at the origin and on the edge.

As an example, consider a soccer website that displays live scores for its audiences. This website has multiple stats for live game scores, individual player stats, live league tables, leaderboards for goal scorers, and other aggregated player and team stats for a variety of attributes. Typically, every relevant play will require purging of multiple objects that need to be individually selected. With different teams playing in different tournaments and leagues simultaneously, purging these objects gets more and more complex. Cache tags allow you to assign tags to these objects for better manageability. You can now tag an object with team names or tournament names to purge everything related to these simultaneously without getting into the more granular complexities.