The Review page shows the property, traffic target, and liveness test fields that you can revise before submitting the changes. Settings on the Review page will vary depending on the property type selected.

Fields Function
Property Basic Settings You can change the following fields in the review stage. Not all fields will be available for every property.
  • Property Type. Click on the link to select a different property type.
  • Comments (optional)
  • DNS TTL. The default is 60 seconds.
  • IP Type
  • Handout Mode. Select from:
    • Normal (up to 8 live IPs)
    • Persistent Assignment
    • One IP, chosen at random
    • One IP, chosen by hash of request name
    • All live IPs
  • Handout Limit. The default is 8 IPs. The handout limit does not apply when handout mode is one of these:
    • One IP, chosen at random
    • One IP, chosen by hash of request name
    • All live IP
    • The field is not displayed for the three map property types (CIDR, geographic location, and AS) or IP Version Selector.
    Note: When the Handout Mode selection is changed, the Handout Limit is set to the default value.
  • Failover Delay
  • Failback Delay
  • Load Imbalance Factor (performance properties only)
  • Liveness Test Score Aggregate Type
  • Minimum Live Percentage
Run Liveness Test Tests will use the proposed configuration in the Change List, which are not yet submitted to the server.

Run the Liveness Tests against all targets defined for this property.

Add New Liveness Test Click this to add a new test. Click Cancel to quit the test or click Save Liveness Test to add it.
Actions Click the ellipsis (…) button and select Delete to delete the liveness test. This cannot be undone without discarding all changes to the page.
Add to Change List Click this to save the property’s changes. You will be redirected to the Property List page.