Edit maps (create zones)

Before you begin

Navigate to the DNS Traffic Management page, and select the domain you would like to work with.

When you add a map, a template of a zone (geographic, CIDR, or AS) is automatically created, however, you need to fill in the specific information for your type of map and zone. The steps are very similar with some differences.

How to

  1. Click the tab for the map you are working with.
  2. Click a map from the list. This can be the map that you just created, or another preexisting map.
  3. If you are adding a new zone, click Add... zone. Each page will have the type of zone in the button. An empty zone box will appear, ready to be filled in. If you are editing a preexisting zone, skip this step.
  4. Depending on which kind of zone you are working with, follow these steps:
    Type of mapSteps
    1. Name. Add a name or edit a preexisting name.
    2. Geographic Areas. Add geographic locations to your zone either by searching for your location in the search bar or by finding it underneath the related geographic area. Once location is checked, click Add in the intended zone. If you would like to remove any locations, highlight it within the intended zone box, and click Remove.
    1. Name. Name your CIDR zone a relevant name.
    2. CIDR Blocks. Add the CIDR blocks you would like to include.
    1. Name.Name your AS zone a relevant name
    2. AS Numbers. Add the AS numbers you would like to include in the zone
  5. Once you’re done making changes, click Add to Change List to save. This will take you back to the main maps page.