Working with GTM service availability report

The GTM - Availability (Service Level) report tracks availability (that is, uptime) for the Global Traffic Management service to provide a useful indication when additional testing for availability might be appropriate.

Use these steps to access the report.

How to

  1. Log on to Akamai Control Center.
  2. Click Traffic Reports on the Control Center main menu, under Common Services.
  3. Select GTM - Availability (Service Level) from the Report menu.
  4. Open the Filter panel by clicking Modify.
  5. From the Filter panel, select the desired active contract, and click Apply.

What you should see

The report displays availability during the set time frame as a percentage of time that the GTM authoritative name servers answer queries.

The report includes Availability by Time and a Service Summary.
  • Availability by Time updates every five minutes. When viewing the report over longer time frames, availability can summarize across wider intervals (for example, every hour).
  • The Service Summary includes Average, Max, and Min Availability for the set time frame.

To learn more about Reporting in Control Center, click Help.