Create a new data center

Create a new data center in an existing domain.

How to

  1. On the Traffic Management Domains page, select the domain for which you want to create a data center. The Edit Domain Settings page appears.
  2. Click Data Centers to add a new data center. The Data Centers page opens.
  3. On the Data Centers tab, click Add New Data Center. The Add Data Center form opens.
    The Add New Data Center button is only enabled if the domain is not a performance plus domain, and you have Add and Edit domain rights.

    Fill in the Data Center Information and Location fields. Checking the Cloud Server Targeting option enables you to you balance traffic load between two or more servers in a cloud environment. Filling in the City field provides a menu to choose from if a city’s name is found in more than one state or country, and automatically fills in the State, Country, Latitude, and Longitude fields.

  4. Fill in the Default Load Object fields:
    Note: If you do not have Load Feedback enabled for the domain, you will not see the Default Load Object fields.
    • Load Server
    • Port
    • Load Object (a file that provides real-time information on the current, maximum allowable, and target load on each resource. This file can be either XML or non-XML.)

    Click Add to Change List. The Add Data Center form opens. A green check mark in the list of data center names indicates that the data center is added.

  5. Click the Review Change List button. The Review Change List Detail dialog appears.
  6. Review the Change List Detail dialog changes, validate them, add a required comment, and click Activate Domain to save them. The Traffic Management Domains opens.
    For more information on the Review Change List Detail dialog, see Change List Detail Dialog.