Review Change List Detail

Use the Review Change List Detail dialog to review, validate, and save modifications to the Properties, Geographic Maps, CIDR Maps, Data Centers, and Settings tabs.

Click Add To Change List where the changes took place. This returns you to the main page for each tab. On that page, click Review Change List to view the Review Change List Dialog.

Change List Detail
Field Description
Discard Changes Removes any changes that you have made.
Change Details Describes the changes that you want to make to the domain.
Comment Enter a comment describing the changes you are making. You must fill out this field before you can submit changes.
Validate Proposed Configuration Verifies that there are no errors. Any errors the occurred or a success message are shown here.
Back Deletes any changes and return to the tab page of the task that you are working on.
Activate Domain If the changes are correct, click this for the changes to take effect.