GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard

The GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard provides a view of all dynamic and static property types configured for a specified domain. For a selected domain, a separate Dynamic Properties tab and Static Properties tab displays the configuration details for each named property. Dynamic Properties identifies the data center targets of each named property type. Static Properties displays the Map name, Property, Target, and Handout CNAME for CIDR Maps, Geographic Maps, and AS Maps.

The GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard provides access to a subset of configuration options that the GTM Traffic Management Dashboard (or DNS Traffic Management Domains page?) also provides. From the dashboard you can access the following options.
  • Create New Property - Links to the Add New Property (New Property - Basic Info) screen in the GTM Traffic Management dashboard.
  • On/Off Toggle switches - Control On/Off of Property Types for all servers in an entire Data Center or for individual Property Type servers within a Data Center.
  • Review Changes - Review and approve your changes before GTM activates and propagates them.

To access the GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard and for descriptions of the information it displays, see Access the GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard.