Traffic Targets

Use the Traffic Targets page to create targets for a new or existing property. The fields of the Traffic Targets page will vary depending on the property type you select.

Traffic Targets
Fields Function
Balance All Targets Evenly The following property types have a Balance All Targets Evenly button to distribute the weight equally among all the targets. Each target’s Data Center Weight and Goal percentage will change accordingly.
  • Weighted Random Load Balancing
  • Weighted Random Load Balancing with Data Center Stickiness
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback (targets computed from version weights)
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback Based on Liveness Test Download Scores

The Mirror Failover property has a Set as Primary button, letting you specify one target as the primary data center/target. To change the existing primary target to a different target click Set as Primary on the other target.

Add New Target One data center is defined for each target up to the configured number of traffic targets defined in the load balanced property.

If all data centers are assigned to a traffic target, a dialog box appears stating that there are no more data centers available for the new traffic target. Click Cancel to create a new data center by going to the Data Centers tab, or click OK to clone an existing data center.

Data Center Weight Use this to manually distribute the weight among the targets. Each target’s goal percentage will change accordingly. Not all properties will have this option.
Data Center Specifies the target’s data center. You can choose a data center from the menu, but if one is already in use a clone will be used instead.
Servers Specifies the IP addresses or hostnames of the servers. For hostnames that return IP addresses, all IP addresses are tested for liveness.
Handout CNAME You can enter an optional handout CNAME for each data center. This defines the answer given if any endpoint in the selected target is available. See Handout CNAMEs for more information.
Backup Traffic Target Serves as an alternate if all the other traffic targets are down.
Backup Answer Enter the backup answer IP address or URL.
Add to Change List & Next Some property types will direct you to the Liveness Test page and others will go to the Review page.