Add New Domain

Use the Add New Domain page to add a new domain to your environment.

Use the Show All Domains button to return to the Traffic Management Domains page.

Add New Domain
Field Description
Contract Even if you only have one contract it will appear on this menu.
Domain name This is required. It usually ends in The fully qualified domain name (FQDN ) field prompts you if the domain name format is invalid by underlining where the error occurs.
Data centers Enter a name in each of the Data Centers field to add a data center. Use the fields provided to enter location data for your data centers. Be sure to provide the most accurate location data possible to enable GTM to properly balance traffic to your data centers.
Email Notification List Add email addresses to be notified of any change to this domain. You can separate multiple email addresses with commas, spaces, or enter them on separate lines.
Load Imbalance Factor Specifies the amount by which the estimated load is allowed to exceed the specified percentages. See Load imbalance factor for more information.
Note: This option applies only to the following property types:
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback (targets computed from configured weights)
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback Based on Liveness Test Download Scores
Collapse CNAMEs Click this to enable the collapsing feature and provide only the final CNAME answer rather than returning all CNAMEs.
Load Feedback If you select this option, the properties with this domain must follow the Load Feedback rules for that domain. See Load Feedback and performance-based property types for more information.
Note: After you create a domain, you cannot change the Load Feedback setting in the user interface. To change the setting, you must create a new domain. See Add New Domain.
Save If you save a domain before creating a property you will be prompted to create a property the next time you open that domain.