XML load objects

XML load objects provide the complete information that GTM needs for dynamic targets.

For each data center, the load object provides the following values for each resource:
  • Current-load
  • Target-load
  • Capacity

A resource using an XML load object can constrain just one property using a data center, or it can constrain all properties using a data center.

The load object timestamp attribute should represent the time at which the load was sampled. The timestamp is represented in xsd:dateTime syntax; we strongly recommend using GMT. If the timestamp is too far in the past, GTM raises an alert

If the load object fails any other validity checks, GTM ignores the data, continues to use the most recently fetched good data, and raises an alert. Examples of validity checks that the load object could fail include:
  • The load object has invalid XML syntax
  • A mismatched domain or data center name
  • A current/target/maximum load value not between 0 - 2^31
  • The timestamp is more than about ten minutes in the future