Add a property

To add a new property to a domain is similar for most properties. There are exceptions in that not all properties will have the same basic info fields, traffic target fields, or allow liveness tests.

How to

  1. Navigate to the Properties tab.
  2. On this tab, click Add New Property.
  3. Give your property a relevant name.
  4. Enter the basic property information that you want to apply to your new property. After you are done, click Add to Change List & Next.
  5. On the next tab, enter the Traffic Targets you would like for your new property. Click Add to Change List & Next.
  6. Enter the details for Liveness Test. Click Add to Change List & Next after you are done.
  7. Review the details of your new property and click Add to Change List.
  8. Follow the steps in Activate domain changes to see the changes on your domain.