Static property

The static property type allows you to directly set and configure DNS record sets.

Before you begin

You must have a domain to which you can add the static property.

Static properties return pre-configured DNS records. The record data for each DNS record type is managed as its own static record set. Static properties can only include static record sets. Static record sets do not support DNSSEC-related record types, AKAMAITLC record types, or AKAMAICDN record types. There are no traffic targets and no liveness tests.

How to

  1. On the Traffic Management Domains page, select the domain you want to add the static property to, and click Add New Property.
  2. Enter a name in the Property Name field. Do not define a name at the apex by using @ in the name.
  3. Select the property type Static.
  4. As an option, you can add comments to the Comments field.
  5. Click Add To Change List & Next.
    The properties page for the new static property opens.
  6. In the Static record sets pane, click Add new record set.
    The Add new record set for <static property name> dialog appears.
  7. To add a new record set for this static property, enter the following information.
    Field Action
    Type: (required) Select a record type from the list. When you select the Type, Record data help provides Instructions, Format, and Examples for the Record data field.
    TTL: (optional) Enter a TTL value in seconds.
    Record data: (required) Enter your record set information in accordance with the Record data help instructions for your chosen Type.
  8. Click Add to Change List. The Change List Detail page appears.
    You return to the page for the static property.
  9. Review the Change List Detail dialog changes, validate them, add a required comment, and click Activate Domain to save them.
    See Change List Detail Dialog for more information.