Non-XML load objects

Non-XML load objects are simpler, but less flexible, than XML load objects. A non-XML load object reports only the current load on a resource. The target load and capacity are computed based on traffic weights you configure in the portal (see the Computed Targets section). The load object itself can be almost entirely free-form, since GTM needs only one number, that is the current load. You just configure the prefix string that GTM should expect to find before the number.

The syntax of the load object for the following properties with manually set targets mode is simpler than that for a dynamic targets load balancing mode:
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback (targets computed from version weights)
  • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback Based on Liveness Test Download Scores
The load object file can take any format you wish. You simply supply an ASCII string in the “Load Leader String” text box on the Resource tab. GTM will assume that the current load is the first number to appear after this text, minus any white space there might be. For example, if the Load Leader String is set to TheLoadIs:, and your load object contains the following string:

This is a load object. TheLoadIs:497. This is the end of the load object.

GTM will read the current load as 497.