New Property - Basic Info

Use the New Property - Basic Info page to add a property to a new or existing domain.

New Property - Basic Info
Field Function
Status Lists the current state of the domain. It can be complete, pending, or denied.
History Lists a history of the changes that have been made to the domain. Click View to show.
Configuration When these links are active:
  • Click Upload File to upload configuration revisions to a whole domain you have revised. Uploading is limited to those that have permission to do so.
  • Click Download File to get a JSON file listing all the domain’s information (properties, maps, and so on). Anyone can download this information.
Minimum Live Percentage Defines the minimum percentage of servers in a datacenter that must be down before the datacenter is officially declared “down.” By default, this is 100%. That is, by default, a datacenter is only declared “down” if every server in the datacenter is down.
Property Name Enter a name for the property. This will define the DNS subdomain to evoke the policy or behavior.
Property Type Select a property type to define the behavior of the property. Click show other descriptions to see details for all property types. See Property Types for more information. You can toggle on or off to show or hide all the property type information.
DNS TTL The default is 60 seconds.
IP Type Select whether IPv4 or IPv6 addresses will be handed out by the property.
Add To Change List & Next Click to save your changes and proceed to the next page. If you want to delete the property, click Cancel.