Clone a data center

How to

  1. On the Traffic Management Domains, select the domain for which you want to clone a data center. The Edit Domain Settings page appears.
  2. Click Data Centers to add a new data center. The Data Centers page opens.
  3. Highlight the data center you want to clone, and under the Actions column, select Clone.
    The cloned data center automatically appears with a green check mark next to it.

    To delete a clone from the data center, select Delete from the gear icon in the Actions column. The deleted clone will have a red delete indicator icon next to it and be crossed out.

  4. Click Review Change List. The Review Change List Detail dialog opens.
  5. Review the Review Change List Detail dialog changes, validate them, add a required comment, and click Activate Domain to save them.
    For more information about the Review Change List Detail Dialog, see Review Change List Detail Dialog.