Create a new domain

The first step in using GTM is to create a GTM domain. If you have the appropriate contract permissions, you can create domains.

Before you begin

You must have Add scope to create a domain.

How to

  1. From the Traffic Management Domains, click Add New Domain.
  2. Select the contract from the menu for the domain. Even if you only have one contract you will still see this field.
  3. Fill in the Domain Name Field. The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) field warns you if the domain name format is invalid.
  4. Enter a data center name and location. You must specify at least one data center. The maximum number of data centers you can have with a domain is 213.

    Click Add Data Center to add a data center. To remove an existing data center, click the X sign located to the right of the Data Center Name field.

  5. For those properties that let you set the weight of their Traffic Distribution Targets, the Load Imbalance Factor field determines how flexible you can be with the weight settings. The higher you set the Load Imbalance Factor, the more flexible you can be in letting GTM distribute traffic among your traffic targets. See Load Imbalance Factor for more information.
  6. Check the Collapse CNAMEs checkbox to provide only the final CNAME answer rather than returning all the CNAMEs that might be returned by a DNS response.
  7. Click the Load Feedback checkbox to enable these performance-based property types:
    • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback
    • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback (targets computed from configured weights)
    • Performance-Based Load Balancing with Load Feedback Based on Liveness Test Download Scores
    Note: After you create a domain, you cannot change the Load Feedback setting. If you plan to use these property types, enable Load Feedback now as you will not to be able to do so after you create the domain.
  8. Click Save. The New Property-Basic Info page appears.

Next steps

You must add a property to your domain. See Add a property for more information.