Access the GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard

The GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard displays the dynamic and static property types configured for a specified domain.

You can use this procedure to access the GTM Traffic Distribution dashboard:

How to

  1. Go to > DNS SOLUTIONS > Global Traffic Management > Dashboard.
  2. Click the Select a domain arrow and select a domain from the list. Optionally, enter the full or partial property name in Filter properties.
  3. Click the Dynamic properties to view the following properties of the selected domain.
    • All Properties - lists the property types assigned to the selected Domain
    • Data Centers - Displays designation as Backup or Primary and includes On/Off Toggle switches that control entire data center or individual servers.
    • You can optionally give a property a favorite designation by clicking the star next to each property. Clicking the favorite star in the header displays only properties with a favorite designation.
  4. Click Static Properties to view the following information for the selected domain for CIDR maps, Geographic Maps, and AS Maps. Page down to view a configuration for CIDR, Geographic and AS maps. Each line item within each map type section shows the property and target using the map and the handout cnames for the map.
  5. To add a new property to the selected domain, click Create New Property.
    This option links to the Add a property page of the GTM Traffic Management Dashboard.