Traffic Management Domains

The Traffic Management Domains page lists all your domains and their status. From this page you can add new domains by clicking Add New Domain, and revise existing ones. Use Search Domains to filter the list to find a specific domain.
These status icons indicate the state of each domain.
Icon Description
Check mark Indicates a completed state.
Blue hourglass Indicates that a change list has been submitted to update the domain.
Red X Indicates a problem with the domain that needs to be fixed. The problem is described in the Comment column.

Domain. Rolling over the domain name displays the complete name. Domain names are dynamically truncated based on screen width. Click a domain name to view or edit its configuration. A new page appears listing the existing properties for that domain.

Last Updated. Provides the date and time, in UTC, of the domain’s most recent update.

Action. In this column, click the ellipsis to perform the following tasks:

  • Download Configuration: provides you with a JSON file with a domain's configuration data.
  • Validate Configuration: Click to validate the domain's configuration.