Accessing Registration Builder

Registration Builder is accessed by clicking the Registration Builder link in the Console’s navigation pane:

Clicking that link takes you to the Registration Flows page, the home page for the Registration Builder:

\Note that the Registration Builder link is only visible to users who hold the following Console roles:

  • Application Admin
  • Application Configuration Admin
  • Application Configuration Manager
  • Application Configuration Viewer
  • Property Configuration Manager
  • Registration Experience Manager

If you aren’t sure which roles you hold, click the user profile icon in upper right corner of the Console window and then click your name:

You’ll then be able to see all the applications you have access to, and which roles you hold in those applications:

As you might expect, different agent roles have different sets of Registration Builder permissions. Those permissions are summarized in the following table:

Role View Flows Copy Flows Update Flows Delete Flows
Application Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Configuration Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Configuration Manager Yes Yes Yes
Application Configuration Viewer Yes
Property Configuration Manager Yes
Registration Experience Manager Yes Yes Yes