Social Login Overview

Social login enables users to register on your web site by using an account created with a third-party identity provider (IdP). For example, instead of creating a new site-specific user name and password just for your site, users can register by using an existing Facebook or Twitter account.

You can use the Engage Dashboard to configure the identity providers users can employ to register or to log on to your site. Because setup requirements for identity providers differ, we have put together configuration guides for each Identity Cloud-compatible IdP. Links to these configuration guides are shown in the table below. In addition, the table also:

  • Lists the identity provider’s string specifier. This value is required when using the Social APIs to manage social login.
  • Indicates whether you need to create an app in order to configure the provider for social login.
  • Specifies whether you can choose which user data is returned by an identity provider.

Following are the identity providers available in the Engage Dashboard, as well as links to their respective configuration guides:

Provider String Specifier App Required Return Data Customizable
Amazon amazon Yes Yes
DocCheck doccheck *** ***
Doximity doximity
Facebook facebook Yes Yes
Fimnet fimnet *** ***
Flickr flickr
Foursquare foursquare Yes
Google googleplus Yes Yes
Instagram instagram Yes Yes
LinkedIn linkedin Yes Yes
LiveJournal livejournal
MediKey medikey *** ***
Medy medy *** ***
Microsoft Account microsoftaccount Yes Yes
Mixi mixi Yes Yes
Odnoklassniki odnoklassniki Yes Yes
OneKey onekey *** ***
PayPal paypal *** ***
QQ qq Yes
Renren renren Yes
Salesforce salesforce Yes
Sina Weibo sina weibo Yes
Twitter twitter Yes
VK vk Yes Yes
WeChat wechat Yes
Yahoo! yahoo Yes