Limiting Filters to a Single Clause

By default, users can add additional clauses to a Dashboard filter (users can also change the operator used by the filter). For example, suppose you have a filter that, by default, limits returned data to a specific year:

However, by clicking the Add Clause button (+), a user can add an additional clause to the filter:

Likewise, the user can change the filter operator:

If you don’t want users making these kinds of changes you need to complete the following procedure:

  1. In the Add/Edit Dashboard Filters dialog box, click Customize Filter.
  2. On the Customize Filters tab, set Allow multiple filter values to Off

And what happens after you save the filter? Two things happen. First, the + button disappears from the filter:

Now the user is prevented from adding additional filter clauses.

Second, the user’s ability to change filter operators is also greatly restricted:

Depending on the datatype of the filter field, the only operators allowed are is on the day (for datetime fields), is equal to(for all non-datetime fields), and matches a user attribute.