An Introduction to Registration Builder

This documentation covers Phase I of Registration Builder, a phase that makes it easy to copy, delete, promote, and restore your flows. Future updates to the Registration Builder will make it possible to edit the content of your flows: add fields, format screens, delete translations, etc.

In this documentation we won’t spend much time explaining what flows are and what they do; for now, suffice to say that flows are JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files that manage the screens, forms, and fields displayed when a user registers with or logs on to an Identity Cloud website. Instead, we’ll focus on flow management tasks, things like copying flows, deleting flows, promoting flows, and restoring flows. These are management tasks (with one major exception) that have long been available to you only through the REST APIs. Registration Builder now gives you an alternative to writing API commands any time you want to copy a flow.

Oh, and that one major exception? Up until now, organizations have not been able to promote flows themselves: if you needed to promote a flow from your development environment to your production environment, that meant filing a support ticket and waiting for Akamai support personnel to do the promotion for you. Now, you can promote a flow yourself, and can do so in less time than it takes to fill out a support ticket.