Customer Insights Explore Reference

This section of the documentation details the fields found in the default Explores included with Customer Insights. Note that some Explores share the same fields and the same schema (for example, API Client Dim, API Client From Creation Date Dim, API Client From First Login Date Dim, and API Client From Last Login Date Dim). Whenever there’s a shared schema, we’ve listed the schema once, and indicated which Explores share that schema. For example:
In this reference you’ll find information for the following Explores:
  • App Dim.Maintains data about applications and entity types.
  • Client Dims.Maintains data about API properties and property events.
  • Date Dims.You got it: date information and events, including creation dates, last login dates, etc.
  • Event Fact.Data regarding events such as traditional log-ins or entity updates.
  • Idp Dim.Information about Identity Providers such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Location Dim.City, state, country, and continent data.
  • Profile Dim.Demographic information gathered from user profiles.
  • Profile Fact.Links Customer Insights information to a specific user.
  • Time Dim.Maintains the hour and the minute of the day for Janrain events.
  • User Agent Dim.Information about devices and browsers used to access a website or app.