Add a Watermark

Before you begin

To add a watermark to any Image Manager image, first locate the URL of the image you want to watermark. For example, if you want to add a watermark to the following image:

The URL for the image must be on your domain, for example:

Now create a policy in Image Manager called Watermark.

How to

  1. Open the application.
    • In the new Akamai Control Center UI, go to > CDN > Image Manager.
    • In the classic Luna UI, on the Configure menu, go to Image Manager and click Policy Manager.
  2. Select a contract and a policy set name, then click Manage Policies.
  3. Click Add New Policy.
    The Name Your Policy window appears:
  4. Enter Watermark in the Policy Name field and click OK.
    The Image Policy Editor appears:
  5. Add the Watermark/Composite transformation to your Workflow section.
  6. Specify that you want to add an image as your watermark in the Element to apply field, and specify the URL of the image that is the watermark in the URL of Applied Image field.
  7. Select a vertical offset in the Vertical Offset field. For example, 10.
  8. Select the location (for example, Northwest) in the Gravity field to indicate the corner the base image where you want to place the applied watermark image.
    The Horizontal and Vertical Offset position adjust the applied image’s gravity position. In this case, the gravity of Northwest and the Vertical Offset of 10 places the applied image in the top-left corner of the original image and shifted up 10 pixels.
  9. Save the Watermark policy and go to the URL for the image on your staging web site.
  10. Apply the impolicy query string parameter to the end of the URL as follows:
    The following image now appears:

Next steps

For more information about adding artistic transformations to images, see the Image Manager Help.