Display images using the path or file name

Use the path or file name to apply an Image and Video Manager policy.

You can do this if your site happens to follow a file path or file naming convention that is similar to the following example. If you have a URL such as:


The file beach_thumb.jpg is under a file directory called thumb and even has thumb in the file name itself. This allows you to leverage the images within your delivery configuration. Many people structure their web sites this way to keep assets organized. If you followed the recipe in Create a scaled thumbnail or you use this type of file path or file naming convention and you want to display your Image and Video Manager images using Property Manager to leverage the structure of your web site, follow these steps.

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > Properties.
  2. Navigate to your Image and Video Manager rule on the left side of the property and select it. Open the property where you enabled Image and Video Manager.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to Add Rule and click Child Rule.
    The Add New Rule dialog box appears.
  4. Select Blank Rule Template and click Insert Rule.
  5. Click the gear icon next to New Rule and select Edit Nameto rename the rule Thumbnails.
  6. Click Add Match on the right hand side of the Rule to create match criteria to trigger this rule. Then click the dropdown next to Hostname and select Filename. Using the tooltip to guide you, type in the string that matches your file name. In our example of beach_thumb.jpg, use *_thumb.* This allows any prefix to the file name as well as any file extension.
  7. Select Path from the dropdown instead of Filename to if you want use a path name in the same way. Create a string that matches the URL path structure of your thumbnail images. In our example: https://www.secretakamaibeaches.com/destinations/thumb/beach_thumb.jpg?, you can use /*/thumb/*.
  8. If you want to support multiple use cases you could add two matches to the rule and create an “either/or” condition. as follows:
    In this case, if either the path or the file name contains thumb, this rule applies.
  9. Click Add Behavior and in the search area enter image to reduce your options. Then select Image Manager: Set Parameter and click Insert Behavior. This adds the behavior. Now you must set the Image and Video Manager policy to use the thumbnail policy, if the match criteria are met.
  10. Enter the policy name into the behavior, in this case, enter thumbnail.
    Your final rule appears as follows:
  11. Save your updated Property Manager property and follow your company's procedures for activating the property on the staging and production networks. Remember to verify that your newly created Image and Video Manager policy is also active on the staging or production network by opening Image and Video Manager and viewing the status of the policy:

Next steps

For more information about using Image and Video Manager, see the Image and Video Manager Help.