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Add a watermark
Watermark an image with your company logo.
Crop an image
Cut an image down to an area you specify.
Crop around a focal point
Let Image and Video Manager automatically crop an image using the shape, size, and the region of interest you provide.
Resize images to fit an image grid
Resize pristine images to fit into an existing image grid in your application or on your web site.
Dynamically resize images
Use published dimensions to dynamically resize your images.
Reduce an image to fill a shape with a different aspect ratio
Maintain an image’s aspect ratio while reducing its size to fit into a box on your web page.
Create a scaled thumbnail
Create a thumbnail image with the same aspect ratio as the original pristine source image.
Create a mobile friendly hero-image
Re-use the desktop version of an image to automatically create a mobile friendly version.
Add a text overlay
Add a text overlay to an image that stays crystal clear when the image is scaled to different sizes.
Adapt for slow connections
Adjust the quality of images on your site based on the end user’s connection quality.
Use query string parameters to change images
Let your web developers apply artistic transformations to individual images using an IMQuery string.
Use a placeholder to advertise your upcoming holiday sale while the requested video processes.
Use the path or file name to apply an Image and Video Manager policy.
Use Akamai Piez to review how Akamai Image and Video Manager is optimizing the images and videos on your website.