Image and Video Manager Free Trial

The Image and Video Manager Free Trial helps you get up and running quickly with Image and Video Manager.

Configure Image or Video Delivery

Follow these steps to get up and running with your Image and Video Manager free trial.

  1. Follow the steps to login once you have received your credentials. These will be sent to you in a separate email.
  2. Sign-in and accept the Terms and Conditions for the delivery product, Ion.
    Note: Ion is provided as part of the Image and Video Manager trial. To learn more about Ion, go here.
  3. Complete the step-by-step setup of your delivery product, Ion, via the Onboard and Configuration Assistant. This a key component since the delivery product pairs with Image and Video Manager to deliver your images and videos quickly and allows you to control multiple advanced settings, including caching. For details relating to setting up your delivery product with the Onboard & Configuration Assistant go here.

Add Image and Video Manager From Marketplace

Now you have to add Image and Video Manager.

  1. Navigate to Marketplace and accept the Terms & Conditions for Image and Video Manager. Follow this link to bring you directly to Image and Video Manager within Marketplace or simply navigate to Marketplace by clicking on the shopping cart icon from within the Akamai Control Center.
  2. Once you navigate to the Image and Video Manager product page on Marketplace, choose which solution you want to add (i.e. Image and Video Manager - Images or Image and Video Manager - Video).
    Note: Add both if you wish to test both image and video optimization
    You can either type in “Image and Video Manager” in the Filter search bar or select “Image Management (Images & Video)” from the tiles below.
  3. To access the trial, select Learn More for the Image and Video Manager - Images / Image and Video Manager - Videos product.
  4. On the Trial Details page, select the Try button to start the trial.
  5. Read through the terms and conditions and check the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” box then click “Start Trial”.
  6. Next, integrate Image and Video Manager into your delivery property that was configured in Configure Image or Video Delivery. Do one of the following:
    • For image optimization - go here and follow the integration steps.
    • For video optimization - go here and follow the integration step.
  7. Check out our Cookbooks to learn about different use cases you can solve with Image and Video Manager or jump right in and start adding artistic transformations, (for example watermark, grayscale, crop, resize, etc.) to a custom policy. For a complete list of available transformations and documentation, click here.


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