Applying Policies to Images

There are three ways to apply an Image and Video Manager policy to an image on your site:

  • Let the default policy apply.
  • Add a Policy Name instance of the “Image and Video Manager : Set Parameter” behavior to the Image and Video Manager rule that applies to the request.
  • Add query string parameters to the image’s URL on your site.

    If you used distinct policy set names in separate Image and Video Manager rules to distinguish treatment of images, then your Web Performance configuration is already set up to apply the default policy for each policy set.

    If you used Image and Video Manager rules to select requests based on particular strings in the URLs, you followed the instructions in Setting Parameters to assign the appropriate policy name to each request.

    The third option is to add query string parameters to image URLs on your site. To use query string parameters to apply a policy to an image, append the following after the filename:

  • A question mark
  • The query string key impolicy
  • An equals sign
  • The name of the policy

    For example: